Mario Kart Tour Hack Cheats unlimited rubies

Mario Kart Tour Hack Cheats unlimited rubies

Are you ready for our new Mario Kart Tour Hack? You’re just steps away from getting free Ruby on your iOS and Android smartphone and tablet!

So you can easily and within a few minutes the best in the game! Thousands of players in front of you have successfully used this Mario Kart Tour Hack and are currently dominating the game. Be one of them and start now. We promise you that in less than 3 minutes you will have millions of Ruby on your account. Try it now!

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Benefits of our hack

  • IOS : Whether Iphone, Ipad or Ipod all IOS devices and their systems are supported.
  • ANDROID : All Android devices (smartphones, tablets … etc) and Android versions are supported.
  • The items will all remain on your account
  • We update the Mario Kart Tour Cheats almost daily
  • ANTI-BAN : An anti-bank security has been implemented to protect your account
  • PROXY : A private proxy server is used to run the Mario Kart Tour To manipulate servers.
  • 256-BIT SSL ENCRYPTION : With 256-bit SSL encryption, you’re on the safe side.

How does the Mario Kart Tour Hack work?

The new Mario Kart Tour Hack was reprogrammed from scratch and adapted to the new settings. The video above shows how the brand new hack works. The procedure is actually quite simple. First you have to enter your Mario Kart Tour username, then you choose which and how many rubies you want.

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After the selection, the data is loaded, this takes about 3 minutes to establish a connection with the server and exploit the vulnerability !!! If everything works well, you’ll have to verify yourself by taking a poll, thus ensuring that the hack is not abused. After the verification the rubies will be sent to you in about 3 minutes! Do not think much and get as many rubies as possible while this vulnerability is still working.

Why you need to use a mario kart tour hack?

Mario Kart Tour can be a lot of fun but is frustrating for many players. If you do not have enough Rubies or Gold Coins on your score, your gameplay will definitely be limited. We have now found a way to solve this problem with our new cheats and hacks!

You need rubies if you want more fun!

Mario Kart Tour is a dream come true for many Nintendo fans. Unfortunately, there is still a tiny problem that annoys fans and players pretty much: The microtransactions. In the game there is namely the premium currency “rubies” and the “gold coins”. You can not buy the gold coins, just use them in the game. The rubies, however, you can buy for real money and then play the “Coin Rush” mode, in which you can collect as many coins in a certain time as possible.

These micro-transactions in Mario Kart Tour have brought a lot of players on the palm and Nintendo brought a lot of trouble with the community. The currencies allow you to buy items, unlock new characters, and more. It can therefore be said as always in summary: Who is willing to spend real money, will have many more opportunities in the game.

This is not just the case with the new Mario Kart Tour, but with almost every other mobile game. But we have the perfect solution for this problem. With the Mario Kart Tour Hack, you can “magic up” free rubies and coins on your smartphone or tablet in just five minutes. All you need to do is use the mario kart tour rubies generator and you can choose how many items you would like to have.

How does the mario kart tour cheats work?

So first of all it should be said that you do not need to download or install anything. This is not a Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk, but just a normal mario kart tour generator. There you do not have to enter private information. You remain completely anonymous and for you there is virtually no limit in the game to be banned.

Nobody will ask for your password or something similar. Nobody will have access to your smartphone or tablet. Please understand that we can not go into too much detail as we know that some developers will read this here. But we can tell you something: At the beginning of the game there are still many bugs and glitches, which still have to be fixed.

We internrow have found a loophole on how to easily change the number of rubies and gold coins. Everything happens only between the Mario Kart Tour Cheats and the database of the game. It’s really easier than you think, but the effect is huge because it’s an in-game currency, for which players are willing to spend a lot of money. By the way, you do not need a root or jailbreak for the hack. It works for any iOS and Android device!

Which routes and drivers are there?

Mario Kart Tour many routes from previous games. Both new routes from Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe), as well as some retro routes. Retro tracks are still from the very old games and have now been redesigned for the first time and added to the game. If you want more information about the old parts of the game, we recommend you take a look at Wikipedia . At the beginning of the game you have the choice between the following drivers:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Toad
  • Toadette
  • Rosalina
  • Waluigi
  • Wendy
  • Morton
  • Larry
  • Baby Peach
  • Ludwig
  • Iggy
  • Lemmy
  • Baby daisy
  • Baby Rosalina
  • Metal Mario
  • Baby Mario
  • Baby Luigi
  • Donkey Kong
  • bone-dry
  • Bone Bowser

You can get even more riders on the Gacha principle. Either while gambling or you buy it with real money via in-app purchase. But that will not be a problem anymore, as we offer the mario kart tour hack up there. The drivers in Mario Kart Tour are divided into different levels and have either one, two or three item slots. Incidentally, the drivers are also ranked by skills according to skills, which also takes into account the vehicle parts, ie kart, glider and tires. Each figure also has a special. Soon we will add more information!

Mario Kart Tour free rubies

Mario Kart Tour free gems and rubies.Mario Kart Tour has started its beta phase. Only a select few are already able to play Nintendo’s new mobile bet on their pc, ios and android, free rubies, a game with numerous delays, but that can cause much more interest than the previous ones, as it’s one of the top five successful downloads franchises in the history of the sector is gems.

Because beyond the subjective opinions that anyone can get after trying it – we can not show videos, free rubies, because Nintendo forbids players to show rubies, clips from the title generator – is the fact that Mario Kart Tour has already defined As to what its ultimate business model can be, what the breakthrough will be and how it was designed to play us every day without human verification, according to what the main goal of any mobile video game is, do not start to buy coins, rubies, cards and account .

What about other cheats, tips and tricks?

There are really so many websites that promise you Mario Kart Tour Hack and other tips and tricks, but they never tell you how to get free ruby, spin and other items. It is so important that you can get these items for free. That’s why we recommend our Mario Kart Tour cheats for Android and iOS. To use it, you do not need root or jailbreak for your iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, HTC or other smartphone or tablet.

Of course, here we offer the best Mario Kart Tour cheats as always. In our blog you will find a lot of information about the game that you will not find anywhere else. In addition to our many guides and tutorials for the game, we also have some beginner tips for you. Nevertheless, we advise you to use the Mario Kart Tour hack first, as the gold coins and rubies are very important in the game.

Tips to control – so you can win!

Mario Kart Tour” seems to hit the nerve of mobile phone gamers: the game breaks download records and even trumps “Pokemon Go”. Here are some great mario kart tour tips and tricks for beginners.

Download the Mario Kart Tour for iPhone & iPad and the Android version of Mario Kart Tour for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Later on, however, you can expect numerous options for making money via in-app purchase. A circumstance that already brought criticism to the game during the beta test.

In addition to classic “Mario Kart” pistes, the game features racetracks inspired by real metropolises and rider outfits. The explore during the course of two-week tour seasons. Simple operation guaranteed: Nintendo emphasizes that the game can be played with just one finger at any time. In addition to a Nintendo account, Apple users need at least an iPhone 6S , an iPod touch the seventh generation or a fifth-generation iPad with iOS 10.0 and 64-bit processor to roll to the start. Android requires at least version 4.4 of the operating system.

Tips for beginners

Of course, the most important thing about “Mario Kart Tour” is driving. They have to steer, accelerate, drift and fire all sorts of turbos. Below is an explanation of the basic driving techniques. Immediately afterwards we come to the items and the most important tips for newcomers.

Mario Kart Tour: Turbo Start

During the countdown, before the start of a race, touch the screen when the large yellow “2” is lit – and hold your finger on the screen. Let go of the same, it applies to “LOS”! The faster you react, the longer the turbo will last. You also get more points. Attention: If you type too early, you will strangle the car.

Mario Kart Tour: Driving turns and drifting

Simple curves can be mastered by swiping in one direction with your finger. However, if you want to make a sharp turn, swipe your finger after the “directional swipe” on the screen. So you can get through the tightest corners.

Mario Kart Tour: Mini Turbo

If you drift by holding your finger on the screen until blue sparks fly, there is a reward when you let go: you trigger a small turbo boost!

Mario Kart Tour: Super Mini Turbo

If you drift a little longer than the “mini turbo”, the sparks turn orange. If you lift your finger off the display, you get an even better, because longer tempo boost than the said, small turbo.

Mario Kart Tour: Ultra Mini Turbo

If you can drift even longer, its sparks turn pink into orange. This leads to the very-longest speed boost in the entire Mario world. But: This only works if you have activated “Manual drifting” in the settings.

Mario Kart Tour: Slipstream

As with the bike race, the “slipstream” also works in “Mario Kart Tour”. If you drive directly behind the vehicle of a competitor for a while, you will get a speed boost.

Mario Kart Tour: use of items

To insert an item, touch the screen while driving. Certain items such as bananas or green and red tanks can be thrown forward and backward. For a throw forward, swipe up the screen for a throw behind you, down. You can even use items while drifting, but you need to tap the screen with one more finger. If all three item slots are equipped with the same item, the “party time” begins. During this time, you can use the item as many times as you want. It’s also easier to run mini-turbos and you’re invulnerable at this time.

Mario Kart Tour: Banana / Megabanane

On a banana vehicles slide out, so get completely out of control. Held behind the vehicle, she fends off an attack. The Mega banana does that too, but splits in the impact in addition to three normal bananas.

Mario Kart Tour: Tank

The green tank flies straight ahead and shoots the first vehicle he hits. Held behind the vehicle, he fends off an attack. When you circle three green tanks around your vehicle, you are fired in line when you tap the screen. The red tank will automatically track an enemy vehicle in front of you and knock it over. Held behind the vehicle, it also fends off an attack. The Stachi tank tracks the vehicle in the lead and bumps all the vehicles in the way. And finally explodes vigorously. Bowser’s tank continues its journey after clashing with other vehicles.

Mario Kart Tour: Bob-omb

The thing walks on rivals and explodes after a certain time or when a vehicle touches. All cars in the explosion radius overturn. Two Bob ombs circle around your car. Clicking on the screen activates two firecrackers simultaneously.

Mario Kart Tour: Turbo mushroom

The classic among the items gives your racer a time-limited boost. Three turbo mushrooms are activated simultaneously by tapping the screen. The result is a longer-lasting tempo boost. The mega mushroom overturns all rivals of the racetrack. After a very short time or by a hit with another item, the effect is over.


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