Mario Kart Tour Guide & Best Tips

Mario Kart Tour Guide & Best Tips

You are fans of the classic Mario Kart? Then you can finally look forward to the mobile version for the smartphone. In our Mario Kart Tour Guide you will learn valuable tips about the game.

In this guide to the Mario Kart Tour you will learn:

  • as you get more turbo on the track
  • what special features there are on the track
  • why the choice of character is so important

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Mario Kart Tour Beginners guide

The classic from Nintendo is finally available on the smartphone. The mobile game Mario Kart Tour is similar to the console version in some points. However, control and design differ significantly. What you should consider in the smartphone version and what tips promise even more fun , you will find in this mario kart tour guide.

Mario Kart Tour: Get more speed

To reach the maximum speed, you should drift in each turn. By drifting you get an extra boost and take the curves more effectively. In addition, you should pay attention to jump opportunities. If you see a jump ramp or a slope in front of you, try to do as many tricks as possible while gliding. When you get back on the ground, it gives you an extra boost and you get valuable action points.

As with other Mario Kart parts, such as the Nintendo Switch, You can start a turbo start. If the countdown appears, keep your finger pressed at second second and release at startup . With this tip you start much faster than the competition.

Tips and tricks on the track

While driving, you can pay attention to many more tips. The annoying falling down of bridges, slopes & Co. fortunately has an end on the smartphone. In Mario Kart Tour it is not possible to fall off the edge. Nevertheless, there are abbreviations . So you can drive over sand or grass. Note, however, that some abbreviations can only be broken with a turbo.

Those who like to break off even at the best racing games , because the prospect of rank 1 has moved into the distance, can look forward to the Mario Kart Tour. If a track does not run as planned, you can collect some points in the last places. Although these are relatively lower than in the first places, but still worthwhile. Before you break off the track just before the finish, it ends and collect valuable points for your characters . Additional points come about through the following “actions”:

  • coins
  • jump Turbo
  • flexible working hours
  • Number of turbo mushrooms

The more actions you perform while driving, the higher your total score will be .

Mario Kart Tour: Choose the right character

As with Mario Kart on the console, the right character is also important on the mobile version. Depending on the track you should therefore consider carefully whether you decide for Toad, Bowser or Peach, among others. In addition, each character has a different special equipment . So Toadette has “three turbo mushrooms”, which promise an extended turbo boost. The bone dry character has the special equipment “Three Green Tanks”, which he can fire all at the same time.

Who chooses Bowser for the following three routes, can get additional points and receives three items per Itembox collected:

  • Dinodino Jungle X
  • Bowsers Fortress 1
  • Bowser’s Fortress 1 X

Two items , but still more points, you get with Bowser on these routes:

  • Bowser’s Fortress 1 R
  • Mountain trail R
  • New York Speedway X.

More tips for the mobile Mario Kart

Of course you can use many more tips to gain more benefits. Which are these, you will learn here:

  • You are missing coins? With a simple click on the plus symbol next to your coins you can start the “coin rush” . Opt to invest 5, 15 or 25 rubies and you can raise the collected coins up to ten times in a race.
  • You can also use rubies for the tube. Invest 5 rubies and with luck you might win a cool item while igniting the tube .
  • Log into Mario Kart Tour every day, even if you are not playing. This will give you a daily bonus. This can consist of coins or rubies.
  • The higher the selected ccm class, the more points you can get. Note, however, that the speed increases and the competition is stronger.
  • Use as many acceleration fields as possible. Should you additionally “drift” on this, you can not only earn many extra points, but also gain one of the best turbos in the game.
  • In Settings, change the item “Motion Control ” and you can move your kart by tilting the phone . This requires a motion sensor in the smartphone. Even if it does not match the VR version of Mario Kart , it gives you a better driving experience.

Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush Guide: tips for fast coins

Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush Guide: tips for fast coins

Coins are considered a single currency in Mario Kart Tour. With them you can unlock characters or parts of the vehicle in the shop during daily offers. In the following, we’ll tell you what’s up with the coin rush and how to quickly get more coins.

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Mario Kart Tour Beginners guide

Coin rush gives the most coins

Mario Kart Tour includes, among other things, the coin rush mode . Here you drive as a golden Mario over a stretch that is full of coins. Gold Mario has a special attraction to the coins, so you attract them from a distance. You will also find red and blue coins on the racetrack, each worth more than the golden ones. They are often in the middle of the course. Good driving behavior is rewarded.

To start the coin rush, you have to click on the plus symbol in the main screen. However, you have to pay each time new rubies, which are considered as additional currency in the game. The more rubies you invest, the higher your multiplier will be in the mode. Below are the different multipliers in the overview:

  • 5 rubies = 2x the collected coins
  • 15 rubies = 6x the collected coins
  • 25 rubies = 10x the coins collected

So if you have rubies left, the coin rush is the best place to farm coins.

Alternative methods to collect coins

In addition to the coin rush, however, there are other methods available to collect coins. Below we list other options:

  • Login Bonus: Simply log in to the game daily to get a bonus. Among other things, coins can be included here.
  • Collect on the track: You will also be able to collect coins while driving on the tracks. However, there is a catch here: you can only collect 300 coins a day on this way . If you want to reach the daily limit as fast as possible, you should choose especially easy and short routes. By the way, downed opponents also let coins fall. However, this also applies to you. Therefore always keep a defensive item in the hindquarters.
  • Ranking: By Rankings -race you can receive more coins. For certain achievements you will receive coins as a reward.
  • Tour Gifts: To receive tour gifts, you must complete cups and earn enough stars. Coins may also be included in these gifts. Gold Pass holders get more rewards from the gifts.

How to unlock ranking in Mario Kart Tour

How to unlock ranking in Mario Kart Tour

To find and add friends in Mario Kart Tour, you need to unlock the leaderboard first. Unfortunately, this is not explained in the game. Below we’ll show you how it works and how you get the Leaderboard Cup.You will learn also how to unlock ranking in Mario Kart Tour.

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Mario Kart Tour Beginners guide

mario kart tour review android & ios

Unlock ranking in mario kart tour – that’s how it works

In order for you to unlock the leaderboard in Mario Kart Tour , you have to finish the Yoshi Cup . After that the ranking function is available to you. To get to these cups, you have to complete the Mario and Donkey Kong Cup and collect 32 stars . These two conditions must be met in order for you to unlock the Yoshi Cup.

As the name suggests, you must start far below in the leaderboard cup and fight your way up. You have to drive in the ranking cup and earn points. Unlike the coin rush , your goal here should be to reach one of the front seats.

Find and add friends

In order to find and add friends, it is necessary to first unlock the leaderboard . Once you have done this, click Menu in the bottom screen. Now the sub-point friends is available. Select “Add Friends” to see your ID in the next menu at the top of the screen. There’s the option of typing a friend’s id to add it. By the way, you can also see the accumulated points of your friends.

It is also possible to visit friends via Twitter and Facebook. In addition, below are the friends you are already friends with about your Nintendo account. Also, you can simply pass your ID on and your friend will join you as long as the conditions described above are met.

Incidentally, under the menu item Rivals you can see the rival ranking.

Final words about how to unlock ranking

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Mario Kart Tour Beginners guide

Mario Kart Tour Beginners guide

Finally, Mario Kart Tour is available to all iOS and Android users. The basic controls of this racing game could not be easier, but you need to pay attention to continued success. Here are the most helpful tips and tricks for getting started.Read our article about mario kart tour beginners guide to play the game fullest.

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The right settings for the controller

The first time you register for a test race, Mario Kart Tour asks you if you want to play in simple mode or in a kind of drift mode. In any case, choose the simple variant for the beginning. Until you practice, you then switch to the “manual drifting”.

Tap on the cogwheel in the upper right corner and under “Control type” make the best adjustments for you. For example, if you deactivate the “Smoke control”, you can better abbreviate certain types of terrain. If you have some practice, you should make this setting in any case. As a total beginner, on the other hand, you will often crash into obstacles if this control aid is not active.

This is how turbo start, drift and jump boost work

Mario kart veterans know about the possibility of starting a turbo start. This works in Mario Kart Tour with a little trick: When the countdown starts, you press on the screen at second second and release when the display shows “Go”. As a beginner, you may need to practice this a few times until it works out of the box.

While driving, you can unlock different boosts – for example by drifts. There are three different types: blue, orange and pink. For the pink boost, the ultra-drift boost, the manual drift described above must be activated. And even then, it takes practice to get the Ultra Boost regularly. Mario kart connoisseurs also appreciate the jump boosts. If you drive over ramps or other obstacles or elevations, it hails rewards.

Toy figure, kart and glider – make the right choice

If you activate the pipe the first time and draw a pawn, you will probably be equipped with Toadette (at least we got this figure every time you log in). After the first race we won then Bowser pulled out of the pipe and determined as a new character – he was at the beginning a little easier to steer. But that is not the only criterion when choosing the character.

In the course of the game, after victories and the successful collection of coins and rubies, you unlock new figures, karts and gliders again and again. For starters, we recommend that you always choose the figure-kart-glider combination before the races, which will give you the most starting points for the races. Later, when you’ve reached a higher level, it’s more important to find the combination that suits you best for the races.

Our Mario Kart Tour Tips

  • Choose the right type of control at the beginning.
  • If necessary, adjust them later in the settings under “Control type”.
  • The manual drift and the deactivated are ideal for more experienced players.
  • Apply the turbo start and collect drift and jump boosts.
  • Choose the ideal figure-kart-glider combination for you.


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mario kart tour review android & ios

mario kart tour review android & ios


  • Mario Kart finally on the smartphone
  • exciting races
  • well-known characters from the Mario universe


  • annoying in-app purchases and loot boxes
  • Freeing up features takes too long to invest without spending money

Now you can finally officially play the new “Mario Kart Tour” app.

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Mario Kart Tour Review

With “Mario Kart Tour” Publisher Nintendo has released a mobile version of the popular Mario Kart series. Here, as a player, you take on the role of your favorite character from the Super Mario Universe and race against other players or computer-controlled enemies on a variety of exciting tracks.

Mario Kart Tour: The Nintendo classic on the smartphone

The motto, as the name “Mario Kart Tour” already suggests, is a journey around the world. Players will be able to prove their driving skills not only on well-known racetracks, but also on completely new ones inspired by real cities and environments. To prevent monotony, the available routes are changed every two weeks. In addition, you can unlock a four-number of drivers, vehicles and equipment.

Until not so long ago, Nintendo games were only playable on the Nintendo consoles. This did not change until 2016 with the release of Super Mario Run . “Mario Kart Tour” is now the second Nintendo game released for mobile devices.

To complain about, among other things, that there is currently no direct multiplayer mode and still Internet connection must exist. The biggest criticism, however, is that the game relies heavily on in-app purchases. If you do not want to spend hours and hours unlocking new features, you can invest real money instead.

How to reach your ranking 5

First of all, you have to unlock the leaderboard , logically! But that’s already the case with you, as you’ll get missions later in Mario Kart Tour (after the seventh cup).

Now it’s time to race a lot of ranked races to earn points so you can climb the top of the list. You can see which cup you can earn leaderboard points for.

You may think that you have to reach at least 5th place on the list, but nothing will happen if you can do it . Even if you are first on the leaderboard, that does not give you any progress in the mission.

The answer is simple: There are different ranking levels in Mario Kart Tour ! You start on leaderboard 1. Then collect a lot of points in a week to get the best score possible. Depending on your score, you will rise in the rankings. If you For example, if you reach # 1 on your first rankings, you’ll be ranked # 4 (see picture above).

Do your best there, too, to climb up to rank 5 after another week. This means you have to play at least two weeks before you can complete this mission at all . Sooner or later you should be able to do it! Incidentally, you should be able to earn more rubies and coins from your higher rankings .