How to unlock ranking in Mario Kart Tour

How to unlock ranking in Mario Kart Tour

To find and add friends in Mario Kart Tour, you need to unlock the leaderboard first. Unfortunately, this is not explained in the game. Below we’ll show you how it works and how you get the Leaderboard Cup.You will learn also how to unlock ranking in Mario Kart Tour.

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Unlock ranking in mario kart tour – that’s how it works

In order for you to unlock the leaderboard in Mario Kart Tour , you have to finish the Yoshi Cup . After that the ranking function is available to you. To get to these cups, you have to complete the Mario and Donkey Kong Cup and collect 32 stars . These two conditions must be met in order for you to unlock the Yoshi Cup.

As the name suggests, you must start far below in the leaderboard cup and fight your way up. You have to drive in the ranking cup and earn points. Unlike the coin rush , your goal here should be to reach one of the front seats.

Find and add friends

In order to find and add friends, it is necessary to first unlock the leaderboard . Once you have done this, click Menu in the bottom screen. Now the sub-point friends is available. Select “Add Friends” to see your ID in the next menu at the top of the screen. There’s the option of typing a friend’s id to add it. By the way, you can also see the accumulated points of your friends.

It is also possible to visit friends via Twitter and Facebook. In addition, below are the friends you are already friends with about your Nintendo account. Also, you can simply pass your ID on and your friend will join you as long as the conditions described above are met.

Incidentally, under the menu item Rivals you can see the rival ranking.

Final words about how to unlock ranking

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