Mario Kart Tour Beginners guide

Mario Kart Tour Beginners guide

Finally, Mario Kart Tour is available to all iOS and Android users. The basic controls of this racing game could not be easier, but you need to pay attention to continued success. Here are the most helpful tips and tricks for getting started.Read our article about mario kart tour beginners guide to play the game fullest.

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The right settings for the controller

The first time you register for a test race, Mario Kart Tour asks you if you want to play in simple mode or in a kind of drift mode. In any case, choose the simple variant for the beginning. Until you practice, you then switch to the “manual drifting”.

Tap on the cogwheel in the upper right corner and under “Control type” make the best adjustments for you. For example, if you deactivate the “Smoke control”, you can better abbreviate certain types of terrain. If you have some practice, you should make this setting in any case. As a total beginner, on the other hand, you will often crash into obstacles if this control aid is not active.

This is how turbo start, drift and jump boost work

Mario kart veterans know about the possibility of starting a turbo start. This works in Mario Kart Tour with a little trick: When the countdown starts, you press on the screen at second second and release when the display shows “Go”. As a beginner, you may need to practice this a few times until it works out of the box.

While driving, you can unlock different boosts – for example by drifts. There are three different types: blue, orange and pink. For the pink boost, the ultra-drift boost, the manual drift described above must be activated. And even then, it takes practice to get the Ultra Boost regularly. Mario kart connoisseurs also appreciate the jump boosts. If you drive over ramps or other obstacles or elevations, it hails rewards.

Toy figure, kart and glider – make the right choice

If you activate the pipe the first time and draw a pawn, you will probably be equipped with Toadette (at least we got this figure every time you log in). After the first race we won then Bowser pulled out of the pipe and determined as a new character – he was at the beginning a little easier to steer. But that is not the only criterion when choosing the character.

In the course of the game, after victories and the successful collection of coins and rubies, you unlock new figures, karts and gliders again and again. For starters, we recommend that you always choose the figure-kart-glider combination before the races, which will give you the most starting points for the races. Later, when you’ve reached a higher level, it’s more important to find the combination that suits you best for the races.

Our Mario Kart Tour Tips

  • Choose the right type of control at the beginning.
  • If necessary, adjust them later in the settings under “Control type”.
  • The manual drift and the deactivated are ideal for more experienced players.
  • Apply the turbo start and collect drift and jump boosts.
  • Choose the ideal figure-kart-glider combination for you.


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