mario kart tour review android & ios

mario kart tour review android & ios


  • Mario Kart finally on the smartphone
  • exciting races
  • well-known characters from the Mario universe


  • annoying in-app purchases and loot boxes
  • Freeing up features takes too long to invest without spending money

Now you can finally officially play the new “Mario Kart Tour” app.

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Mario Kart Tour Review

With “Mario Kart Tour” Publisher Nintendo has released a mobile version of the popular Mario Kart series. Here, as a player, you take on the role of your favorite character from the Super Mario Universe and race against other players or computer-controlled enemies on a variety of exciting tracks.

Mario Kart Tour: The Nintendo classic on the smartphone

The motto, as the name “Mario Kart Tour” already suggests, is a journey around the world. Players will be able to prove their driving skills not only on well-known racetracks, but also on completely new ones inspired by real cities and environments. To prevent monotony, the available routes are changed every two weeks. In addition, you can unlock a four-number of drivers, vehicles and equipment.

Until not so long ago, Nintendo games were only playable on the Nintendo consoles. This did not change until 2016 with the release of Super Mario Run . “Mario Kart Tour” is now the second Nintendo game released for mobile devices.

To complain about, among other things, that there is currently no direct multiplayer mode and still Internet connection must exist. The biggest criticism, however, is that the game relies heavily on in-app purchases. If you do not want to spend hours and hours unlocking new features, you can invest real money instead.

How to reach your ranking 5

First of all, you have to unlock the leaderboard , logically! But that’s already the case with you, as you’ll get missions later in Mario Kart Tour (after the seventh cup).

Now it’s time to race a lot of ranked races to earn points so you can climb the top of the list. You can see which cup you can earn leaderboard points for.

You may think that you have to reach at least 5th place on the list, but nothing will happen if you can do it . Even if you are first on the leaderboard, that does not give you any progress in the mission.

The answer is simple: There are different ranking levels in Mario Kart Tour ! You start on leaderboard 1. Then collect a lot of points in a week to get the best score possible. Depending on your score, you will rise in the rankings. If you For example, if you reach # 1 on your first rankings, you’ll be ranked # 4 (see picture above).

Do your best there, too, to climb up to rank 5 after another week. This means you have to play at least two weeks before you can complete this mission at all . Sooner or later you should be able to do it! Incidentally, you should be able to earn more rubies and coins from your higher rankings .

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